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Attorney Near Me

Do You Need an Attorney Near Taunton?

Is there a legal issue that you need help with? Are you looking at a divorce and don't know what to do? Does your business face new legal issues that could prevent it from succeeding or taking the next step? If you need an attorney near me in the Taunton area, then the firm of Kelliher & Beyer LLP can help.

Many small to medium-sized businesses can't justify the expense of maintaining a legal department. That also means needing help for drafting legal documents, such as non-compete agreements, for example. From legal concerns to more personal and intimate issues like child custody, Kelliher & Beyer LLP is here to help ensure your rights and provide the legal services you deserve.


If you are looking for an attorney near me, then the team of Kelliher & Beyer LLP would love to talk with you. Contact us today to learn more about putting the law on your side with the legal services of Kelliher & Beyer LLP - fighting for every client, fighting for what is right.

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