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Kelliher & Beyer, LLP, a Client-Focused Law Firm Serving Barnstable, Bristol, and Plymouth Counties.  Attorney Dawn M. Kelliher and Attorney Megan E. Beyer are happy to join forces to represent individuals living in the South Shore area.  Dawn and Megan met back in 2014, when they attended law school together. Both attorneys have a commitment to public interest and they maintain a passion for serving their local community.  Dawn and Megan will diligently work on your case to help you navigate the complex areas of the law. Six family law courts serve the South Shore area, and while the law is the same throughout the Commonwealth, each court conducts their proceedings in a slightly different manner.  It is critical to have a firm that is familiar with the court in which you will appear. If you need trusted attorneys for your legal issues, contact Kelliher &Beyer, LLP to provide you with trusted legal advice and to advocate for you on your behalf. Contact us today for a free thirty-minute consultation by filling out our contact form located here.

Kelliher & Beyer
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