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What To Consider Before Filing For Divorce

No one gets married with the intention of going through a divorce later down the line, but there are circumstances that can lead to it. Situations like a spouse being unfaithful, dealing with abuse, or simply falling out of love can make divorce seem like the only option or best choice. Sometimes divorce is what’s right for both parties, but divorce isn’t a decision to take lightly. Before considering divorce, it’s wise to consider what steps you could take first. Our friends at Cohen & Cohen explore these below.

1. Is It Possible To Save The Marriage?

Spouses get divorced for various reasons. While there are situations like an abusive wife or husband, many divorces happen because couples find out they’re never in love. Marriage is work and if you feel that the “spark” is no longer there, it may be time to rekindle the relationship. For example, scheduling more date nights or planning a second honeymoon.

2. Consider Marriage Counseling

Problems including infidelity can sometimes be fixed by seeing a marriage counselor. Whether you and your spouse are constantly getting into heated arguments or you’re starting to feel more like roommates than a couple, counseling can be a healthy way to get your marriage back on track.

3. Discuss Options With Your Partner

The prospect of divorce makes people uneasy, and it’s not uncommon for a wife or husband to “suddenly” blurt out that they want a divorce. Of course, there are usually warning signs that precede this. However, if the prospect of divorce is weighing heavily on your mind, it might be helpful to calmly bring up the situation with your spouse. Explaining your feelings and thoughts can alleviate pressure and open the door to working on things.

4. Consider Impact On Children

It’s not uncommon for couples to remain married despite their unhappiness when they have children. Children often don’t understand the full ramifications of divorce, especially when they’re younger. Likewise, financial strains and child custody can impact a child’s development. Generally, it’s best for a child to have both parents in their lives. However, if those parents are miserable due to an unhappy partnership, filing for divorce may be the best choice. Other factors, like a child with special needs, can also make divorce harder to handle. For example, it might be difficult to raise a child with special needs in a one-parent household if outside help needs to be hired.

5. Recognize When Divorce Is Necessary

All romantic relationships go through a flow of ups and downs, and there will be days where you feel like you can no longer be with your spouse. Sometimes, you may just need space to reset. However, if these times become increasingly frequent, divorce may be the best option for you. While the idea of marriage is meant to last forever, reality can be much different than a set of vows or a marriage ceremony. A divorce lawyer can walk you through your different options when you’re considering a divorce.

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